Model Nouvag 16-1990


Product Description

Delsa International , is pleased to announce the availability of the Nouvag Dermatome, a quality Swiss-made instrument for Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists who require the utmost in cutting instruments for the transplantation of skin in surgical procedures.

The Nouvag Dermatome is an electric powered hand-held instrument, operates with a typical type E universal motor, such as TCM-3000. Nouvag 16-1990 Characteristics:

The 75mm cutting blades can be changed to fit a cutting width between 50mm and 25mm;

Instrument available with stainless steel cutting blades

  1. The model has E coupling; interchangeable plates allow for cutting
    50mm and 25mm skin grafting; Also Mucotomes for soft tissue
  2. Speed 2000 to 8000 rpm
  3. One year warranty. FDA approved. CE Mark. ISO plant certification
  4. Sterilization: Autoclave. Weight: 2 lbs. Inventory in NJ, USA
  5. Very competitive pricing compared to others on the market
  6. Dermatome Models available:
    1. # 16-1990 75mm cutting width
    2. # 16-1991 50mm cutting width
    3. # 16-1992 25mm cutting width
    4. # 16-1993 12mm cutting width
  7. Sterile blades available in packages of 10, specific to fit each of the above dermatomes. Dermatome instructions available in English, French, and in Spanish.

Information on the E type Motor also available - TCM 3000, And other surgical products available

For more information please contact: Delsa International www.DelsaUSA.com email:sales@delsausa.com

Micromotor Surgical Systems and Accessories


The TCM-3000 motor system includes a control box, footswitch, and E-type autoclavable motor that can be used with all of our various handpieces and accessories. Our basic model can be used with dermatomes, mucotomes, sagittal saw, twist drills, tattooing, trimmers, compass saw, oscillating saw, etc. It can be used for dermabrasion, skin grafting, oral and maxillofacial surgery.

Manufactured in Switzerland, ISO Certification. FDA & CE approved.

Delsa International www.DelsaUSA.com

Mexico, Central and South America, and Caribbean markets handled by: DELSA INTERNATIONAL TEXAS, USA www.DelsaUSA.com email: sales@delsausa.com