Line of Hand-Held Alcohol Testing Products

Delsa presents a line of portable Breathalyzers in six different categories. There are three professional models, A, B, and C, and a more economical series in Models D, E, and F. There is also a Delsa Disposable Model for individual use. Re-calibration is recommended once a year for the 6 models. FDA approved.

Model AProfessional Model Series A: Fuel Cell Technology (Electrochemical), for use in police departments, military, correctional institutions, etc. These models function with a greater degree of precision, rapidity, and accuracy. There is greater sensor life, permitting 1500 tests with one set of AA batteries. Kit includes 2 batteries, 6 mouthpieces hard carrying case, and instruction manual. Thirty-six (36) units per carton.

Model BProfessional Model Series B: Fuel Cell Technology. Incorporates fuel cell technology for maximum efficiency with a clear digital monitor. Recommended for businesses, medical clinics, hospitals, schools, maritime use, as well as police and penal departments. Kit includes 2 AA batteries, 6 mouthpieces, hard carrying case, and instruction manual. There are 36 units per carton.

Model CProfessional Model Series C: Fuel Cell Technology. Rapid results and high accuracy, using advance cell technology. Model is recommended for personal use, businesses, medical clinics, hospitals, maritime use, police departments and correctional institutions. Kit includes 2 AA batteries, 5 mouthpieces, soft carrying case, and instruction manual. There are 32 units per carton.

Model DEFModels D, E, and F: These units are the more economical hand-held models. The models use semi-conductor technology, and are less expensive than the professional series. Kits come with batteries, soft carrying case, and instruction manual. 36 units per carton.


singleDelsa Disposable Single Shot:

For single individual use - Please order by concentration %: .02%, or .04%, or .05%, or .08%
Accuracy is 98%. Minimum order: 200.



The results are obtained in 2 minutes. One time use only.
Please refer to the Delsa Disposable Unit page for more detailed information.

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